Do you want powerful, positive change in your life? Would you like help to heal your pain?

Can you imagine what it would be like to consistently live and create from your higher nature instead of only from the fleeting moments most people tend to experience?

The intensity of these times is bringing up wave after wave of limiting beliefs to become aware of as a step in liberating change. Would you like a way to move through the old and open to the new quickly, easily and lightly? Would you like a partner to guide and support you every step of the way?

To be that partner for you, I am now offering Personal Intensives in person in Malibu, California, or long distance. A Personal Intensive can be just for you, or for couples, families, friends, etc.

During a Personal Intensive, we will spend time together every day in session. We will identify your old beliefs, transmute the energy, and you will get to open to magnificent parts of yourself you’ve never felt before. As you experience greater lightness and freedom on every level, your outer life changes naturally in response.

There will be time between sessions for activities you may wish to do such as beach walks, hiking, writing, massage, acupuncture, etc. If your Personal Intensive is in-person, you can do these activities on your own or opt for me to accompany you. This offers the opportunity for spontaneous sessions and questions that may arise during these activities.

Over the years of my own spiritual journey, and forty-five years of working with people, I’ve drawn upon my background in psychotherapy, metaphysical spirituality, energy transmissions, energy healing, clairvoyance, and what I’ve learned from my own healing and awakening.

I have recently added an extraordinary sound healing device, the AmpCoil to my work. Its sound waves nourish your organs, neutralize pathogens and toxins, raise your vibrations, and help bring your body into greater alignment with your spirit.

As I began adding the sound frequencies of the AmpCoil to my own energy transmissions during sessions, I was stunned by the exponential and effortless transformation the combination created.


Personal Intensive Options:

Visiting from out of town: You can come to Malibu, California, and stay in a beautiful Moroccan guest studio on the property where I live, which has gorgeous ocean views. Or, you may book a hotel or Airbnb.

Local: If you’re local to the Los Angeles area, you may schedule personal intensives and commute from your home to my home-office in Malibu.

If you would like a Personal Intensive in-person but can’t come to Malibu, the Ampcoil and I can come to you. (Additional travel charges apply.)

Personal Intensives long distance: I also offer Personal Intensives by by phone, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. The experience of my energy transmissions and the AmpCoil sound waves are just as effective long distance.

“My Intensive with Anamika was extraordinary! I’d had life-changing sessions on Skype, but being with her in person for a whole week took me to an entirely new place. I went far beyond what I ever thought was possible, moving through so many blockages at such a fast rate I was amazed. And the process was so joyful! My spirit, emotions and physical energy have been freed up. I feel so much more like my real self and this is being reflected in every area of my life. I can’t wait to go back again!” – Julie S, West Palm Beach, FL, USA

Personal Intensives are customized to fit your needs, schedule and budget. They can be for an individual, friends, a couple or a family. More than one person usually requires ninety-minute sessions, at least for the first day or so.

In general, Personal Intensives consist of a minimum of four hours of sessions, each session lasting approximately an hour, although it’s flexible. Those sessions can be sequential or spread out over a period of time that fits your schedule. Personal Intensives are $300 per session, which includes sound healing if desired. If you would like additional AmpCoil sessions separately, they are $185 per session.

I also offer a comprehensive Personal Intensive package which includes approximately six hours a day of sessions, AmpCoil, activities with me, lodging and transportation. Package prices are available upon request.

Personal Intensive prices do not include air travel costs, meals, or outside activities you wish to do on your own.

Les séances sont également possibles en français.

Questions or to schedule: Please contact or 866-260-6032.