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I am always moved by the authenticity, honesty, sharing and realness the occurs in sessions. It’s a true honor, joy and privilege to participate in your unfolding and transformation.

In sessions, intensives and workshops I hold you in compassion as you get to know yourself more deeply. In sessions, you can begin by sharing your concerns if you have any. You can describe what is not working in your life, what you would like to improve upon, or express a desire to take the next steps in your awakening.

In working with you, I help you identify your limiting beliefs and the resulting constricted energy.  As your energy and emotions begin to flow where they had been constricted, your beautiful nature unfolds and you get to experience yourself in a very new way.

You feel more, alive and connected to yourself and to all. Your past integrates with ease as you become more expansive, light and free. From your new experiences of yourself, challenges resolve in unexpected and graceful ways and life changes more elegantly.

Session Length: 30 minutes or 1 hour
Session Location: on Skype or by phone
Personal Intensives: custom designed for your needs and schedule
(Les séances sont également possibles en français). or 1-866-260-6032