“Anamika’s message could not arrive at a better time.  Perhaps if I keep this book really close, I will learn to live by its wisdom.”
Barnet Bain, producer
“What Dreams May Come” and “The Celestine Prophecy”


We are so much more than we know.

And… is a new way of feeling, being and creating.

It’s where evolution is inviting us to go.




People Say

“I love the book – it is profound, and a great distillation of what Anamika imparts as a teacher and guide.”
Robin Swicord, screenwriter & film director


“and… takes you out of the realm of the mind so you can embody the unique brilliance of these truths. What an amazing experience!”
Jennifer Goodrich, singer/songwriter

“This book is about a metamorphosis of unimaginable proportions. I could feel the energy all the way through!”
Michael Goodrich, vocal coach

“This book is uniquely experiential and calls forth one’s greater sense of self.”
Barbara Hamilton, international consultant

“When we say ‘but’ or ‘or,’ we put a stop in place. and… opens us up boundless possibility. It’s not a one-time read; something new is always revealed!”
Irene Mink, stylist

“Every sentence is a potent life-changing truth.”
Leerone, artist