Anamika’s workshop: Finding new hope in these challenging times


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Finding New Hope in These Challenging Times

Turning on the news can be a depressing experience these days. It seems like there’s always more bad news than good. Our favorite politician may be down in the polls, a natural disaster strikes somewhere, and an act of terrorism takes lives. Sometimes it can be overwhelming! We feel scared, angry, helpless and powerless.

Sometimes even being on the spiritual path feels like it doesn’t help. It can bring up very intense feelings which can feel worse temporarily. The intensity of change in 2016 can be difficult for even the most experienced of journeyers yet it’s also full of hope, lightness and freedom. How do we find this hope in the midst of such challenging times?

Join Anamika to discover:

  • How things are actually going right in the world despite appearances to the contrary
  • What false hope is and why it and hopelessness are actually two sides of the same coin
  • What the true energy of hope is and how to access it as a felt experience versus an intellectual concept
  • The empowering perspective of working with dark and light energies within ourselves instead of fearing/fighting them out in the world
  • How bringing compassion to our own darkness as well as our light changes us and changes the world
  • An experience of this new octave of hope which gives birth to a new you and a new life