Anamika’s March Equinox Workshop – When we change, everything changes!


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WORKSHOP: “When we change, everything changes!”

The Equinox portal and two eclipses in March provide an opportunity for us to ​move forward in areas​ of our lives​ in which we have felt ​stuck or ​constrained. While we know that change is a part of life and we try to embrace it, sometimes it’s not easy! We​’re often scared, uncertain and don’t trust that things will work out. Why is change so scary? Why is it so hard to trust ​our​ process and the process of life?

Although​ ​​the truth is​ ​that ​we’re infinitely loved and supported in change, it doesn’t always “feel” that way. In fact, temporarily​ change seems to make us feel even worse! Why? Is it just our egos? Actually, it’s that and much more. Just as physical death is a powerful part of life, we also experience change as an emotional and spiritual death. We “die” to who we’ve ​been​ and are “reborn” into some​thing​ new. Just as in physical death, there is authentic fear, dread, and grief ​as well as relief, peace and excitement​.​​ If we don’t understand ​this process ​and resist change then we suffer. If we bring understanding and allow ourselves to feel ​all our feelings​, including our resistance, we experience much​ greater ease and grace.

On the Equinox, let’s​ journey together into the unfathomable depths of the great mystery to experience a new level of connection with yourself, with ​each other​, and with All That Is​. ​ From these depths ​we’ll emerge to discover ourselves anew.


  • The process of change and its resulting emotions.
  • The spiritual death and rebirth process and how to embrace it.
  • An experience of the special energy transmission of this eclipse/Equinox portal allowing yourself and your life to be changed.