Anamika’s workshop – Sexual Intimacy


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Sexual Intimacy (third in a series on Relationships)

Beyond physical pleasure, what is the purpose of sexual intimacy? To make love, which means to create new love that hasn’t existed before. So, while having a delicious experience, we are also creating.

True love making doesn’t happen predominantly on the physical level. It’s a multi-dimensional giving, receiving and communing all at once. It involves our whole being. This means engaging not only our body, but also our emotions, life force, soul, and spirit in interconnecting with All.

Since most of what is possible in sexuality is far beyond the physical, we can activate circuits of energy in and beyond the body. When open, we engage our life force, creativity and powerful interconnectedness in creating more love.

To open those circuits and experience what’s possible we start by being really present.  When we stay in shame, judgment of our body, performance fears, or past painful experiences, we feel separate from the experience of oneness.

Whether your sex life has been non-existent, unfulfilling or extraordinary, there’s room for it to become more exciting and fulfilling. In this workshop, we will start by addressing limiting beliefs, questions and concerns. We will transcend past experiences. Finally, we will enter expansive realms that allow love making to be the sweeping cosmic experience it can be.

In this workshop we will:

  • Answer personal questions and misconceptions
  • Transcend the shame that limits and binds us
  • Tap into energy circuits to discover how to feel sexuality with our whole being
  • Participate in making more love exist

(We’re happy when you’re inspired to share Anamika’s work with your family & friends. Please be aware that the cost is per person rather than per household or per computer. Thanks!)

Anamika has spent her life exploring and discovering new octaves of consciousness in which we create ourselves and reality anew. She transmits resonant frequencies of love that catalyze profound changes in consciousness. She has been guiding people in international workshops for over thirty-five years. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Wellesley College, a Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia Pacific University and graduated from The Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Author of four books, she has appeared on many television and radio shows. She lives in Malibu, CA.