Anamika’s workshop: The Magic in Relationships


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The Magic in Relationships – first in a series on Relationships

What we truly yearn for in relationships is the kind of love that helps us become more of who we are. We crave relationships rich with aliveness and togetherness in which we transcend and transform.  However, more often than not we don’t experience that. Our society teaches us to focus outwardly on looks, money, and status. We’re taught that love and relationships are like “love in the movies” and that there is “the one” or a “soulmate” who will perfectly fulfill our needs.

But what if that is an inherently flawed approach? What if there isn’t a “one” or a “soulmate”? Is there other way of creating relationship that is healthier and more fulfilling?

It took me years to discover the difference between trying to build a relationship and authentically relating. Over time I noticed that when I was trying to fit a person or relationship into what I thought I wanted, there was pain. While I experienced joy and love, I also experienced the terrible hurt that came from demands, contracts, rules, expectations, judgments, blame, shame, punishment, betrayal, abandonment, doubt, and disappointment…all forms of trying to get our needs met and which have nothing to do with real love or the magic in relationships.

Considering the pain we’ve all known in relationships, why do we keep seeking them? It’s because relating and relationships are our true nature, including how we relate with ourselves, with others and with All.

We can heal the past and experience feeling loved and loving as never before. We can fulfill our innate desire to grow beyond our old identity to become more of who we are. We can fulfill our inherent desire to experience oneness and create together. In this kind of interconnectedness, we don’t lose ourselves, rather we all become more.

How do we do this? It requires letting go of our notions of what a relationship is. It requires being present and relating. Relating is an emotional experience that occurs when we drop all agendas, enter our own flow of transcendent energies, and share ourselves from there. In this kind of intimacy, we experience the magic of deep and luscious communing.

As we show up relating in the present, our relationships become more and more fulfilling. They reflect our own inner dance of intimacy.

In this workshop, Anamika will share her personal relationship experiences so we may:

  • heal the hurts from relationships
  • identify hidden demands and expectations that don’t let relationships work
  • experience the magic of togetherness that enriches, transforms and transcends

The workshop runs 90 minutes.

(We’re happy when you’re inspired to share Anamika’s work with your family & friends. Please be aware that the cost is per person rather than per household or per computer. Thanks!)

Anamika has spent her life exploring and discovering new octaves of consciousness in which we create ourselves and reality anew. She transmits resonant frequencies of love that catalyze profound changes in consciousness. She has been guiding people in international workshops for over thirty-five years. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Wellesley College, a Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia Pacific University and graduated from The Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Author of four books, she has appeared on many television and radio shows. She lives in Malibu, CA.