Life Beyond Stories Workshop Series – Trusting the Evolution of Consciousness


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There’s a palpable shift in the world, a wave of liberation. Even as the destruction of our current world system is continuing, we are also becoming new. This momentum is building and we can trust the evolution of consciousness, no matter how it might look on the surface. Even though its arc is a long and slow one inside of time and space, we can trust that goodness, truth and beauty are prevailing and will continue to prevail.

Within duality there are many distortions on both sides of the coin. Our job is not to convince others on the opposite side that we are right and they are wrong. Nor is it to get them to agree with our side. When we can see our own distortions and move toward greater clarity and truth, we find a place beyond either side where there is mutual understanding and common ground. There, we are not coming from duality, but from heart resonances.

In the heart, we can meet others where they are instead of getting caught in the superficially opposing points of view within duality. We can meet each other beyond any demands that others be different or that we be different. As we can let go of being right about our points of view, we can find what connects us in unity beyond divisiveness. In this space, we can accept others as they are, even when not agreeing with their point of view.

In our higher nature, we are all one with evolution. When we are aware of this connection, we are at peace and free, regardless of what is occurring outside of us in the world. It’s like dwelling in the beautiful stillness and gentle currents deep within the ocean. We are aware of the waves on the surface but remain largely undisturbed by them. There, we can experience ourselves as one with the positive arc of evolution and hold that caring space for others as well.

In this workshop we will:

  • identify how we fight to be right and push away from peace and contentment
  • discover more of the realness that’s within us
  • experience trusting the beautiful movement of evolution

The Life Beyond Stories Workshops are three hours long. They include an energy transmission journey as well as Anamika working with individual people throughout. Each workshop is unique in how it unfolds.

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Anamika has spent her life exploring and discovering new octaves of consciousness in which we create ourselves and reality anew. She transmits resonant frequencies of love that catalyze profound changes in consciousness. She has been guiding people in international workshops for over thirty-five years. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Wellesley College, a Ph.D. in Psychology from Columbia Pacific University and graduated from The Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Author of four books, she has appeared on many television and radio shows. She lives in Malibu, CA.